I think alone, I die alone

I don't think; therefore I am not

I am alone and vous nous

I think; therefore I am
I don't think; therefore 
I am not.

Our Vision

I am alone, therefore I think alone.

Trial 1: Sorrow
2: Sorrow's Cause
3: Sorrow's Ceasing
4: The Way
Precepts 8 
First Level - Right Doctrine
Second Level - Right Purpose
Third Level - Right Discourse
Fourth Level - Right Behaviour
Fifth Level - Right Purity
Sixth Level - Right Thought

Seventh Level - Right Loneliness
Eighth Level - Right Rapture
Spread no Wings

8Fold Road
1 - First Stage - Touch
2 - Second Stage - Free
3 - Third Stage - Purge and Pure
4 - Fourth Stage - Holy Ones
5 - Is the 3 of the First Stage - Conquered
5-8 are:
a ) Love of Life on Earth
b) Desire for Heaven
​c) Self-praise/error/pride.

I think and die alone

Right Ways