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A Model Of The Universe

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Daniel Reurink



Thou Art That

The Unified Theory of Everything consists of a fundamental logo that we are a geometrical form that Sources consciousness from reason and the development of Harmony, Peace, and Balance. This is achieved by a state of Order; -two negatives are always made positive. A state of Order is Whole, Absolute; thus nothingness. When there is no-action, no self, no-existence, and the Hollow Awareness, the relationship to synchronized harmonized states of Order occur within the framework of Evolution. Thus, Evolution is a disordered (chaos) states becoming Ordered, - in which Order constitutes a development of Reason and Divinity.


    The introduction to a unified theory of everything comes through the definition of Logos. The meaning of the universe is compounded into a single formula of reason. The formula, of which reason is stated, develops through the universe in multiple dimensions and propagates the essence of possibility and probability into a simple formula.

The formula is as follows:

T (D) = C

Time multiplied by Disorder is equal to the Speed of Light

(-) + (-) = +    Two negatives make a positive.
(+) + (+) = +        Two positives make a positive.

Nothing is therefore lacking all or having all. Therefore pure essence. 
Asserting now that two negatives make a positive always hence for the atoms exploding at the big bang; thus creation due to a point in relativity.

Nothing has an argument against it; all purities and essence within nothing are allowance of a new state.
Nothing comes into being without reason; only adaption and evolution.

All is one.  0 + 1 = 1; Nothing, causes impurities or purity, is a compass set.

Nothingness (Dark Matter (coming in from the outer limits of a boundless universe)) is a flow motion of space-time that can dissolve into nothing.

Speech/ Form are separate from nothing; hence speed of sound and speed of thought (Doppler effect)

Concluding all is

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