A Model Of The Universe

Daniel Reurink 

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Thou Art That

The Unified Theory of Everything consists of a fundamental logo that we are a geometrical form that Sources consciousness from reason and the development of Harmony, Peace, and Balance. This is achieved by a state of Order; -two negatives are always made positive. A state of Order is Whole, Absolute; thus nothingness. When there is no-action, no self, no-existence, and the Hollow Awareness, the relationship to synchronized harmonized states of Order occur within the framework of Evolution. Thus, Evolution is a disordered (chaos) states becoming Ordered, - in which Order constitutes a development of Reason and Divinity.


    The introduction to a unified theory of everything comes through the definition of Logos. The meaning of the universe is compounded into a single formula of reason. The formula, of which reason is stated, develops through the universe in multiple dimensions and propagates the essence of possibility and probability into a simple formula.

The formula is as follows:

T (D) = C

Time multiplied by Disorder is equal to the Speed of Light

(-) + (-) = +    Two negatives make a positive.
(+) + (+) = +        Two positives make a positive.

Nothing is therefore lacking all or having all. Therefore pure essence. 
Asserting now that two negatives make a positive always hence for the atoms exploding at the big bang; thus creation due to a point in relativity.

Nothing has an argument against it; all purities and essence within nothing are allowance of a new state.
Nothing comes into being without reason; only adaption and evolution.

All is one.  0 + 1 = 1; Nothing, causes impurities or purity, is a compass set.

Nothingness (Dark Matter (coming in from the outer limits of a boundless universe)) is a flow motion of space-time that can dissolve into nothing.

Speech/ Form are separate from nothing; hence speed of sound and speed of thought (Doppler effect)

Concluding all To this Final Point
As a final point, a proposed experiment to conclude my results is as follows. If we can locate, or disseminate the furthest possible distance from earth, using earth as a single point of time, we could dissect the constant of the rate of disorder present within our system. This is based upon a singular point using the speed of a ship travelling in a straight line instead of the speed of light. Using this constant we could base the relative time from earth which the space ship Voyager has been travelling; 33 years. We know that the speed of voyager is 17.07 km / s. By using the constant of disorder we could conclude the value of time, in the hopes that the ship has been travelling for 33years! If the rate of disorder is proportional to the rate of order, then matter in a state of order cannot enter a state of disorder without that very same matter (now in a state of disorder) simultaneously reaching a state of order. 

Voyager: 43391700 seconds (how long it has been travelling approximately) (All are estimations.)
Let T = Time

T = 43391700 s (time has no meaning in order)

Let D = Dians (disorder)
D = x (unity of full)

Let C = Speed of Voyager

C = 17070 m / s

T (D) = C

43391700 (D) = 17070

D = 3.933393206534890 x 10 ^ -4

Let T = Time

T = x s (time has no meaning in order)

Let D = Dians (disorder)

D = 3.933393206534890 x 10 ^ -4 (unity of full)

Let C = Speed of Light

C = 300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C T ( 3.9333 x 10 ^ -4) = 300 000 000

T = 762 725107,73314210 s /3600/24/365 = 24,185,455,060 years

Using this example can set a premise for how far our universe has expanded since a single point of time. The furthest star (hypothetically) is4 24,185,455,060 years away; the farthest star is believed to be at a distance of about 14 billion light years. It is a quasar, or more appropriately, a quasi stellar source. This basic concept set the guidelines for all that is. For of ancient, the Gaia was called disorder, and through disorder we are balanced and find order.

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     I am a Siddha, have supernatural abilities. Am at a state of Self Realization, or enlightenment. This was not caused by anything I did, but simply by accepting Reality around me. Life is suffering, and growth ino the realm of nothigness allows one to open up to the that which is inside. The flowing ocean of ambrosia in your soul needs the potential mirrored to itself so you can begin to understand the layers and rivers that current through your being.
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